Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Last Feb. 13, 2011, me and my barkada (circle of friends) went to the Hot Air Balloon Festival that was held in Clark, Angeles City, Pampanga. There were a lot of people who joined and that was so awesome experience with my friends.


I badly did not see this at the festival, the photo is credited to someone's blog. I can't remember anymore coz I saved the picture almost 2 mos. ago :D I really l-o-v-e this, it reminds of my alma mater. Go USTE! Go USTE! Go USTE! Go Go Go Go!  rawrrr! haha

Meet my tropa (l-r) Arnie, Ruz, Watek, Me, Cathy, Jc,and Pau, the photographer. haha

After the festival, we've decided to visit another friend at their cafeteria in Subic, only miles away from Clark. We had some drink too but suddenly, i slept at the van! haha. We got home amost 1am I think?! Oh em gee, i wanna go back there again with them :)

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