Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lovin' leopard prints

I am now a big fan of leopard prints since I don't know :D I really find them attractive. I feel sophisticated when ever i use leopard print stuffs. lol Since then, whenever i see any fashion stuffs like clothes, bags, accessories, etc. I don't hesitate to buy them. They're just so glam that add styles and unique touch to any look ( if, properly worn and paired) For me, leopard prints seem to never go out of style.The jungle has moved on the fashion runways.

  This tank top I bought from Zara just caught my eyes. This is what I wore on a birthday party as u can see in my last blog.

Leopard print earrings - Sm dept. store

This leopard satchel from CMG is now my favorite among my bags! This satchel is very eye-catching and I think I am now overusing this haha. You can't blame me, I just can't get enough of this :D

Oh by the way, my twitter account layout is also made of leopard prints. haha!

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