Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm a kind of person who really admires a lot of things. When browsing through the internet, I usually save the pictures that inspire me. From clothes, fashion, shoes, makeup to art works, bedroom, house and a lot more!!! This blog post is all about my dream bedrooms :) After I graduated, the first gift that I would give to myself is a room makeover! lol. I just don't like anymore my bedroom(i mean, our bedroom coz I share with my sister). Ever since I was born, it's painted with color blue and we didn't have the opportunity to renovate it. So I will let you see some of my choices for my future bedroom. hahaha. DREAM HIGH! :P

Pink pink pink! I told you I am an avid fan of color pink! :) 

Amazing right? :)

I really find this so unique! <3

I love the ala- second floor! So unique too. <3

Too girly. hihi

As you can notice. I'm loving bedrooms with stairs! haha. Cute eh?

This is so unique. I like it so much coz it is not just an ordinary cabinet. When you open it, tadahh! Cool yea?! :D

I really want to have my own walk-in closet in the near future. The one that is not so bongga. This one is so simple and cute. Perfect and I love it! :))

So that's it!!!! Do you like them too? hehe. Good day! love love. <3

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This is a very very quick post. I just want to show you the eye makeup I did to my sister. It's a combination of purple, blue and black =)) Hope you like it! <3

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Makeup Addiction

I've been addicted to make-up since I don't know. haha. Seriously, I do not notice my makeups are escalating that much. I just keep on buying them since I love applying make up all over my face . Actually not only on my face, I also love putting makeup on other people. But  it is quite different, however, than applying my own makeup. Since practice is the key to success, doing makeup for other people can be a fun hobby or an exciting career. Actually it's the basic step to a lucrative career in makeup artistry (feeling professional. haha!). In that way, I can enhance my talent. Right?  Frankly speaking, it's one of my dreams to become a makeup artist aside from becoming a fashion designer and economist.

So by the way, I will let you guys see some of my makeup addiction. <3

By the way, this is my makeup kit! (kit?!) hahaha

My latest purchase, 12 pc brush set and 88 color eyeshadow palette. These are from DollFace. Their brushes are really soft! I'm serious. I suggest, you should have yours too. You won't regret :)  FYI: These are made of squirrel and synthetic bristles.

1st line (l-r) - Eyeshadow palette  Etude House | eyeshadow palette Lancome.
2nd line (l-r) - Gel liner The Face Shop  |  Single eyeshadow palette Fashion21  |  Single Eyeshadow palette Nichido  |  3 eyeshadow palette  Fashion21  |  Perfume Nina Ricci
3rd line (l-r) - Eyelash Curler Forever21  |  Liquid eyeliner (black) Body Shop  |  Liquid eyeliner (brown)  Body Shop  |  Eye primer Tony Moly  |  2 way Mascara  Revlon  |  Mascara  Maybelline  |  Eyebrow pencil  Sansan  |  Eyeliner Mac  |  Eyeliner Ever Bilena  |  Eyeliner Mac  |  Eyebrow pencil  Ever Bilena

As you can see, i'm overusing my Etude House eyeshadow palette coz that's what I use for my everyday look! You can also notice, I have a lot of eyeliners. Having a chinky eyes, eyeliner is one of my staple makeups coz it makes my eyes look bigger. (From this -_-,   to  this, o_o). lol.

1st line (l-r) Pressed Powder  Etude House  |  Cake Foundation Kanebo  |  Face primer  Etude House
2nd line (l-r) Preseed powder  Garnier  |  Blush on Forever21  |  Blush on  Ever Bilena  |  Blush brush Fashion21  |  Blush brush Mac
3rd line (l-r) Eyelash curler Nichido  |  False lashes (wonder volume) Etude House  |  False lashes (secret long) Etude House  |  Perfume stick Tony Moly  | Makeup remover Etude House

What I use for my everyday look is the one from Kanebo. It really suits Asian skins that gives natural look. By the way, I apply first the face primer from Etude House coz it  prepares my skin for foundation application by smoothing out the texture of my skin. (Take note: Before applying face primer, apply moisturizer first!)

(l-r) In2it, Ever Bilena, The Face Shop. Tony Moly, Ever Bilena, Mac, Etude House, Etude House.

Haha I know! Having a lot of lip tint with almost the same shades?  ftw? hahaha. Well, the reason why I keep on buying them is because I'm looking for a perfect tint which lasts at least 5 hrs.? For me, the best among my lip tint purchases is the one from Tony Moly. Aside from being long lasting and having a very cute packaging, I really find it very convenient to use coz it's 2 in 1! A lip tint with a lip shiner. (Tipid sa space!) :D

I just want to share this very cute brush with you guys. Don't you just love it? I bought this from Forever21 just a week ago. It only costs 250 pesos ( 5 USD ). This is definitely one of my best finds! <3

So, that's it! Good day everyone! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

High Heels High Hopes

I'm now active again in updating my Fashionfinder Asos account. Yey!!!! I wanna let you guys see my another entry :) Hope you like it <3

My Top 5 Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

I definitely do love Jeffrey Campbell Shoes! As I was surfing the net, these Campbell shoes really caught my eyes! I fell in love with their vintage-inspired pieces and I have been thrilled while seeing their collection. How I wish I own even a single pair of those lovely shoezieees. I think I have now an idea what to ask for my next birthday. haha. Hello Ma and Pa! :) So by the way, here are my top 5 Jeffrey Campbell Shoes :))


Since I am genuinely lunatic to leopard prints, this Jeffrey Campbell Lita Fur is on my top 5 :) I love how the prints match the color pink! (Btw, pink is my fave color so what would be the reason for me not to include this on my top 5??? :) )


I love how the simplicity of this Jeffrey Campbell Mariel caught my eyes. I would wear this  for my everyday look! Very casual and chic! :)


What can you say about Jeffrey Campbell Fox Tick? Very unique right?  Who wouldn't fall in love with the details of this one. Very classy!


How about Jeffrey Campbell Bridge Over Doubled Platforms Heel? Do you like this as much as I do? Yes? YES! haha. I love this indeed! I think from 5'3, I will become 6' while wearing this. lol. Color blocking is not yet over!


"Drum roll"

Jeffrey Campbell Leather Platform T-bar. This is a leather platform sandals featuring wide T-bar strap across the front, buckle fastning at the ankle, an open toe and block heel. 

Since I am not a bonggacious person (from the root word "bongga".  In english, ostentatious), I prefer wearing simple but eye catching stuffs and I think these suit me well. I'm not definitely a fashion victim. I prefer wearing something that makes me totally comfortable. 

So, that's all about this entry. What's your most favorite Jeffrey Campbell Shoes by the way? :)

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

This is a very very very quick post. I just saw this picture from my digicam which I no longer use. This was actually taken a yr. ago. I posted this coz I love the outfit I'm wearing here. hehe. Ciao! :)

Top Jajhing Online Shop  |  Skirt Thrifted   |  Necklace Forever21

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crop that Top

This is actually a late post and this happened during the event in our school. I opted to wear something comfy since we still had our class in the morning. In fact, I'm now addicted to crop tops. I really find them very cute and comfy and they are very easy to pull off! Right? They are effortlessly chic! (Btw, I made a DIY crop top. I'll post about that in separate blog) I truly love them to bitssss that's why I can't resist to buy a lot of crop tops!!! It's like my safety blanket when I don't know what to wear. So by the way, here's my outfit during that day :)

(I just borrowed the shoes from my friend just for the picture taking. lol I originally wear blue wedges from Shoe Gallery)

Crop top Oxygen  |  Pants Oxygen  |  Necklace Forever21

Coz we love picture taking. haha (With Mon and Cape)

That night was really fun! You know why? Coz aside from bonding with my classmates/friends, one of the guests during the event was JM de Guzman. He's so gwapo (handsome) in person! As in o-m-g. haha. After the event, we decided to have a road trip to Tagaytay. Unfortunately, we ended up to Padis Point in MOA coz we were overloaded inside the van. hahaha. 

So, that's all for now. I need to take some rest na. Good night everyone! <3

Vintage Floral

Nope! I did not actually where this to any event, party or somewhere else. I just took a picture of this floral jumpsuit when worn so that I have an idea what would this look like to me. Whatcha' think? :D. I will definitely wear this someday! I'm just seeking for the perfect timing. lol This is actually vintage and in fact, my auntie gave me this. And oh! She did not only give me one but three jumpsuits! Yey!  I'll post them soon here! I really really love this to the nth power. lol :)

Floral Jumpsuit Vintage  |  Shoes Landmark  |  Accessories Forever21

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The jungle has moved on the fashion runways.

What's up with my blog title. Dramatic eh? lol
So this is what I wore during the Hang Ten event. I chose to wear my fave print which is Leopard! I think one thing you should know about me is that, I am genuinely lunatic to leopard prints! Yes, coz I really find them very sophisticated.

(Sorry for the background. heee :D )

Tank top Blue Navy  |  Blazer Zara  | Pants Maldita  |  Pumps People r People  |  Bag CMG 

I also made an entry to my fashion finder ASOS account which is the same with my outfit. What do you guys think? :)

Hang Ten Special Event - Part 2

So as promised, this is the second part of my blog about the Hang Ten Special Event. Finally, my sister's already home. ( Coz I left my usb connector in Manila and asked her to bring it home.) I'm now able to upload the pictures from my bb. Yey! Here they are,

Me with David Guison

My sister with David Guison again.

My sister again and again with Lissa Kahayon.

Me and Aisa Ipac

And yes, those are the ONLY pictures i have taken with my bb during the event. You 're such a loser if you don't bring a camera with this one of a kind event. Swear! Next time, camera will be the first on my checklist. lol 

I'll post my outfit soon! :)
Good day everyone! Ciao! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hang Ten Special Event - Part 1

Last October 9, Hang Ten had their special event at Mall of Asia where bloggers had to bring their chosen readers to join them. I was very lucky to won the giveaway of one of Manila's top bloggers,Vern Enciso to be her partner. :)

Unfortunately, i forgot to bring my camera with me. Pity me :( Good thing, my bb didn't disappoint me, at least. lol. Also, I had some shots with different bloggers and luckily I grabbed some of my photos from their blogs. weee :D Here are the photos during the event. (grabbed from Tracy Ayson, Vern Enciso, Anton Miranda, Nicole Alejandro, Francesca Arches, Bianca Sing, Marj Ramos, Aie Corpuz, Ana Gonzales and Nicole Santos.) Thank you!

  Vintage-vibes-decorations. Don't you just love them? I really want to take home those suitcases. haha!

Very classy shoes, accessories and ehemmm, you see those satchels? Oh emm! I melted when I saw them! I'm such a sucker for satchels. Yes! I think 2/3 of by bags are satchels. lol.

stolen eh? 

The early birds. Me, Vern Enciso, Bianca Sing, Tin Iglesias, Tracy Ayson and Francesca Arches.


OUTFIT POSTS! I really super duper had fun during the event coz I had the opportunity to meet some of Manila's Top Bloggers! I swear, this won't be the last time :) 

Finally! I had the chance to meet
David Guison in person too! Why so hot?

Vern Enciso!. I really love this girl. She's really charming and nice and lovely and gorgeous and what else? Name it! That's her! :)

Alyssa Lapid. Her outfit really caught my eyes. How I wish I can also pull this off!

Rocky de Castro

Melai Entuna

Ava Te

Ooooppsss, it's me! :D

Nicole Alejandro

Diana Maniago

Two of the Hang Ten team!

Two creative Directors of Hang Ten

Tracy Ayson. I was so kilig when she took a solo picture of me. weee :D 

Aie Corpuz

Aisa Ipac. I was also so kilig when she recognized me. She's so funny! :) I really love her personality and style too! 

And some of the very stylish bloggers with the creative directors of Hang Ten.

 Again, Thank you so much to the very classy, charming, stylish and gorgeous Vern Enciso. Looking forward   
 too see you soon! I really did enjoy the event and your company :)

Sorry for the very late post due to the very poor connection here. tsss >.< Good thing, there's an improvement! haha at least I had the chance to post about the event. Thank you Lord! :D

Wait for the 2nd part! Yes! There's still a second part! Hoho. I forgot my usb connector from Manila and I'm still waiting for my sis to arrive here and bring with her my connector. There's some photos left from my bb. Wait for that! Have a great day everyone!!!!!! :)