Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hang Ten Special Event - Part 1

Last October 9, Hang Ten had their special event at Mall of Asia where bloggers had to bring their chosen readers to join them. I was very lucky to won the giveaway of one of Manila's top bloggers,Vern Enciso to be her partner. :)

Unfortunately, i forgot to bring my camera with me. Pity me :( Good thing, my bb didn't disappoint me, at least. lol. Also, I had some shots with different bloggers and luckily I grabbed some of my photos from their blogs. weee :D Here are the photos during the event. (grabbed from Tracy Ayson, Vern Enciso, Anton Miranda, Nicole Alejandro, Francesca Arches, Bianca Sing, Marj Ramos, Aie Corpuz, Ana Gonzales and Nicole Santos.) Thank you!

  Vintage-vibes-decorations. Don't you just love them? I really want to take home those suitcases. haha!

Very classy shoes, accessories and ehemmm, you see those satchels? Oh emm! I melted when I saw them! I'm such a sucker for satchels. Yes! I think 2/3 of by bags are satchels. lol.

stolen eh? 

The early birds. Me, Vern Enciso, Bianca Sing, Tin Iglesias, Tracy Ayson and Francesca Arches.


OUTFIT POSTS! I really super duper had fun during the event coz I had the opportunity to meet some of Manila's Top Bloggers! I swear, this won't be the last time :) 

Finally! I had the chance to meet
David Guison in person too! Why so hot?

Vern Enciso!. I really love this girl. She's really charming and nice and lovely and gorgeous and what else? Name it! That's her! :)

Alyssa Lapid. Her outfit really caught my eyes. How I wish I can also pull this off!

Rocky de Castro

Melai Entuna

Ava Te

Ooooppsss, it's me! :D

Nicole Alejandro

Diana Maniago

Two of the Hang Ten team!

Two creative Directors of Hang Ten

Tracy Ayson. I was so kilig when she took a solo picture of me. weee :D 

Aie Corpuz

Aisa Ipac. I was also so kilig when she recognized me. She's so funny! :) I really love her personality and style too! 

And some of the very stylish bloggers with the creative directors of Hang Ten.

 Again, Thank you so much to the very classy, charming, stylish and gorgeous Vern Enciso. Looking forward   
 too see you soon! I really did enjoy the event and your company :)

Sorry for the very late post due to the very poor connection here. tsss >.< Good thing, there's an improvement! haha at least I had the chance to post about the event. Thank you Lord! :D

Wait for the 2nd part! Yes! There's still a second part! Hoho. I forgot my usb connector from Manila and I'm still waiting for my sis to arrive here and bring with her my connector. There's some photos left from my bb. Wait for that! Have a great day everyone!!!!!! :)


  1. I love what you're wearing!

  2. Hi Majo!

    Thank you so much for including me in your blog :) Glad to know you enjoyed the event. Have you been my client in F-STOP?

    Melai of Style and Soul :)

  3. Yes yes! I bought a floral skirt from you! :) Thanks for reading my blog melai! :)

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