Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hang Ten Special Event - Part 2

So as promised, this is the second part of my blog about the Hang Ten Special Event. Finally, my sister's already home. ( Coz I left my usb connector in Manila and asked her to bring it home.) I'm now able to upload the pictures from my bb. Yey! Here they are,

Me with David Guison

My sister with David Guison again.

My sister again and again with Lissa Kahayon.

Me and Aisa Ipac

And yes, those are the ONLY pictures i have taken with my bb during the event. You 're such a loser if you don't bring a camera with this one of a kind event. Swear! Next time, camera will be the first on my checklist. lol 

I'll post my outfit soon! :)
Good day everyone! Ciao! :)

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