Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm a kind of person who really admires a lot of things. When browsing through the internet, I usually save the pictures that inspire me. From clothes, fashion, shoes, makeup to art works, bedroom, house and a lot more!!! This blog post is all about my dream bedrooms :) After I graduated, the first gift that I would give to myself is a room makeover! lol. I just don't like anymore my bedroom(i mean, our bedroom coz I share with my sister). Ever since I was born, it's painted with color blue and we didn't have the opportunity to renovate it. So I will let you see some of my choices for my future bedroom. hahaha. DREAM HIGH! :P

Pink pink pink! I told you I am an avid fan of color pink! :) 

Amazing right? :)

I really find this so unique! <3

I love the ala- second floor! So unique too. <3

Too girly. hihi

As you can notice. I'm loving bedrooms with stairs! haha. Cute eh?

This is so unique. I like it so much coz it is not just an ordinary cabinet. When you open it, tadahh! Cool yea?! :D

I really want to have my own walk-in closet in the near future. The one that is not so bongga. This one is so simple and cute. Perfect and I love it! :))

So that's it!!!! Do you like them too? hehe. Good day! love love. <3


  1. I told my boyfriend that all I need is a walk-in-wardrobe one day!! I love bedrooms with stairs too, these are all so cool. xx

  2. Perfect inspirations ! I like pink color but I guess not that much as You. I wish to have a wardrobe that big as this one on photo up.

    Nice blog Sweetie,


  3. these are such gorgeous pictures! the walls of my room are painted fuchsia which means i have to choose white/black furniture.... pink is my favorite :)


  4. whoa we kinda share the same taste when it comes to interiors. love the bedrooms with lofts!

  5. wowww love it all!! very inspiring! i am a new fashion blogger from indonesia living in singapore :) i really like your blog. i will really appreciate & it will be an honor to have u as my blog member.

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  6. I love all the photos! This will be my inspiration for my future bedroom next time!