Saturday, October 15, 2011

The jungle has moved on the fashion runways.

What's up with my blog title. Dramatic eh? lol
So this is what I wore during the Hang Ten event. I chose to wear my fave print which is Leopard! I think one thing you should know about me is that, I am genuinely lunatic to leopard prints! Yes, coz I really find them very sophisticated.

(Sorry for the background. heee :D )

Tank top Blue Navy  |  Blazer Zara  | Pants Maldita  |  Pumps People r People  |  Bag CMG 

I also made an entry to my fashion finder ASOS account which is the same with my outfit. What do you guys think? :)


  1. like the colour of the blazer yer wearin' there hun!

  2. I love your collage! The leopard bag is pretty amazing! xoxoxoo

  3. followed u alr hun!:)) thanks also! xox

  4. I love your outfit dear, I also love leopard print and also zebra print :)

    Followed you already :)