Thursday, October 20, 2011

Makeup Addiction

I've been addicted to make-up since I don't know. haha. Seriously, I do not notice my makeups are escalating that much. I just keep on buying them since I love applying make up all over my face . Actually not only on my face, I also love putting makeup on other people. But  it is quite different, however, than applying my own makeup. Since practice is the key to success, doing makeup for other people can be a fun hobby or an exciting career. Actually it's the basic step to a lucrative career in makeup artistry (feeling professional. haha!). In that way, I can enhance my talent. Right?  Frankly speaking, it's one of my dreams to become a makeup artist aside from becoming a fashion designer and economist.

So by the way, I will let you guys see some of my makeup addiction. <3

By the way, this is my makeup kit! (kit?!) hahaha

My latest purchase, 12 pc brush set and 88 color eyeshadow palette. These are from DollFace. Their brushes are really soft! I'm serious. I suggest, you should have yours too. You won't regret :)  FYI: These are made of squirrel and synthetic bristles.

1st line (l-r) - Eyeshadow palette  Etude House | eyeshadow palette Lancome.
2nd line (l-r) - Gel liner The Face Shop  |  Single eyeshadow palette Fashion21  |  Single Eyeshadow palette Nichido  |  3 eyeshadow palette  Fashion21  |  Perfume Nina Ricci
3rd line (l-r) - Eyelash Curler Forever21  |  Liquid eyeliner (black) Body Shop  |  Liquid eyeliner (brown)  Body Shop  |  Eye primer Tony Moly  |  2 way Mascara  Revlon  |  Mascara  Maybelline  |  Eyebrow pencil  Sansan  |  Eyeliner Mac  |  Eyeliner Ever Bilena  |  Eyeliner Mac  |  Eyebrow pencil  Ever Bilena

As you can see, i'm overusing my Etude House eyeshadow palette coz that's what I use for my everyday look! You can also notice, I have a lot of eyeliners. Having a chinky eyes, eyeliner is one of my staple makeups coz it makes my eyes look bigger. (From this -_-,   to  this, o_o). lol.

1st line (l-r) Pressed Powder  Etude House  |  Cake Foundation Kanebo  |  Face primer  Etude House
2nd line (l-r) Preseed powder  Garnier  |  Blush on Forever21  |  Blush on  Ever Bilena  |  Blush brush Fashion21  |  Blush brush Mac
3rd line (l-r) Eyelash curler Nichido  |  False lashes (wonder volume) Etude House  |  False lashes (secret long) Etude House  |  Perfume stick Tony Moly  | Makeup remover Etude House

What I use for my everyday look is the one from Kanebo. It really suits Asian skins that gives natural look. By the way, I apply first the face primer from Etude House coz it  prepares my skin for foundation application by smoothing out the texture of my skin. (Take note: Before applying face primer, apply moisturizer first!)

(l-r) In2it, Ever Bilena, The Face Shop. Tony Moly, Ever Bilena, Mac, Etude House, Etude House.

Haha I know! Having a lot of lip tint with almost the same shades?  ftw? hahaha. Well, the reason why I keep on buying them is because I'm looking for a perfect tint which lasts at least 5 hrs.? For me, the best among my lip tint purchases is the one from Tony Moly. Aside from being long lasting and having a very cute packaging, I really find it very convenient to use coz it's 2 in 1! A lip tint with a lip shiner. (Tipid sa space!) :D

I just want to share this very cute brush with you guys. Don't you just love it? I bought this from Forever21 just a week ago. It only costs 250 pesos ( 5 USD ). This is definitely one of my best finds! <3

So, that's it! Good day everyone! :)


  1. Love this haul!! ♥ You've got great choices sa makeup!


  2. I think I need your advice!! I rarely wear make-up. Like almost never! I'm way too lazy for it. I think you could tutor me xxx

  3. @jeroy Hi jeroy! I Followed you on twitter babe :)

    @fashionsastranger Hello dear! Thank you! Yes yes, I would be willing to! <3


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    i'm following you back,dear :)

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  5. I should go pick up some of those falsies you have!

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  7. Make up goodies :) Didnt know Dollface has brush set. BTW new follower.

  8. i think you've got a great collection going on here and yes, enough to start already! some friends of mine have less makeup but doing quite good establishing themselves here in cebu. good luck and cant wait to see your work!

    hope you can come visit me as well?


  9. You are so gorgeous. Love your style and blog so much. Please follow my blog...

    ♥Love from Antalya♥

  10. wow your collection is awesome! i wish i could apply makeup like you!:)

  11. THat's a lot of kikay stuff! nice one:)