Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crop that Top

This is actually a late post and this happened during the event in our school. I opted to wear something comfy since we still had our class in the morning. In fact, I'm now addicted to crop tops. I really find them very cute and comfy and they are very easy to pull off! Right? They are effortlessly chic! (Btw, I made a DIY crop top. I'll post about that in separate blog) I truly love them to bitssss that's why I can't resist to buy a lot of crop tops!!! It's like my safety blanket when I don't know what to wear. So by the way, here's my outfit during that day :)

(I just borrowed the shoes from my friend just for the picture taking. lol I originally wear blue wedges from Shoe Gallery)

Crop top Oxygen  |  Pants Oxygen  |  Necklace Forever21

Coz we love picture taking. haha (With Mon and Cape)

That night was really fun! You know why? Coz aside from bonding with my classmates/friends, one of the guests during the event was JM de Guzman. He's so gwapo (handsome) in person! As in o-m-g. haha. After the event, we decided to have a road trip to Tagaytay. Unfortunately, we ended up to Padis Point in MOA coz we were overloaded inside the van. hahaha. 

So, that's all for now. I need to take some rest na. Good night everyone! <3


  1. i love your top! actually i'm also into that outfit right now, i was wearing the same thing last night at my birthday celebration.. =)

    thanks for following.. following you back..


  2. and btw, i love JM de guzman! =)


  3. Thanks Macy! Oh btw, Belated happy birthday :)


  4. Love the cropped top you're wearing and paired with a simple jeans and blue shoes, perfect casual look! :)