Monday, November 14, 2011

Am I that old?!

I'm turning 20 this coming March but my classmate has just turned 18 last Nov. 12, 2011. Oh noooo. Am I really that old?! HAHA. Anyway, I attended my classmate/friend's debut at Patio Ibarra in Q. Ave. last Saturday. The theme was just semi formal. Obviously, I opted to wear something comfi (again, actually always! haha).

What's up with my awkward pose? HAHA

Top Peope are People  |  Skirt Maldita  | Pumps People are People  

With Mon, Cape, Aly and Evan

Another shot!

It's Aly!

 Me <3 




Me and Cape with the Debutante :))

Another Mon was also there! I really do love her dress from f21! 

I will end this post with this picture with Evan. hehe. Good night everyone! <3