Monday, December 26, 2011

Just so Random.

Belated Merry Christmas everyone! This post is just so random. I am posting here some pictures that inspire me :) As I have mentioned here in my blog, I usually save random pictures so that whenever I feel bored, I will just look at them. Instant hobby! :))

I really want to have a gold case for my bb. Very unique :)

My future car interior :P

That's all about this post :)) Good night everyone!


Street Style

From now on, I will be posting some pictures of my favorite fashion blogger's oufit! :)) Take a look at these and be amazed :))

Camille Co

Jessica Tran

Vern Enciso

Willabelle Ong

Stephanie Dy

Lauren Uy

Lissa Kahayon

Anastasia Siantar

Doina Ciobanu

Christmas Wishlist 2011

It's fun creating a Christmas wish list, don't you think? :P So I will share with you what I wish for this Christmas :P


Fringe necklace

Sequin top

Black blazer

Bandage skirt

Maxi skirt

Brow powder duo from Laura Mercier.

Dorothy Perkins satchel

Ombre shorts.

Michael Kors gold watch

I'm not actually in a hurry. You can still give them on my birthday. hahaha, Just kidding! So, what's your Christmas wish list? :)


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eco Fashion

Last December 12, 2011, me and my classmate slash close friend Aly joined a competition that was held in our school. We were asked to design and style Christmas inspired costumes (for boy and girl) that are made of recycled materials. But first of all, let me show you the makeup I did with our model. Yes, you heard it right! I was the one who did the makeup! I already mentioned here that I am addicted to makeups and it's one of my dreams to become a successful and well known makeup artist(aside to being a fashion stylist/fashion designer) that's why I took the opportunity to develop my talent :P

Me in action :P

 Since it's a fashion show, I made sure that the eye shadow was a bit darker to let her eyes pop out more :)

Me and my other supportive classmate styling our model's hair :))

Tadaaaah! The final look for the casual outfit :)) (the show was parted in two, the casual style and the recycled costume.)

Since the theme was Christmas, we styled her by mix n matchin' the boots with a knitted long sleeves, scarf and beanie. To maintain the fashionista vibe, as you can see we decided to mix the stripes with prints. hehe. By the way, I bought the top from WAGW almost a yr. ago and the scarf from a thrift store which only costs 50 pesos($1)! Great find right?

     Our male model is the one wearing yellow :) Unfortunately, we forgot to take him a solo pic! F-a-i-l :(


Tan-ta-ra-ra-ra-ran! These are the costumes we made out of plastics, old CDs,  old fabrics and papers.

With our female model's costume, the top was actually an old dress. We cut it to turn into a corset then we designed it using old CDs that we also cut into smaller pieces. That's what you call, instant sequins! haha. artistic eh? lol. Also, we made the skirt by layering the scratch papers to give volume and then the last layer was made of plastics. Those white thingy that you can see at the bottom of the skirt was actually plastics too! We cut the plastic bag into squares and then folded/crumpled them. Lastly, we paste them individually to look like ruffles. 

Then with our male model's costume, we cut the plastics into strips them pasted them to an old white shirt. As you can see, the final product was a fringe shirt! The pants are actually a lady's pants! hehe. Not bad! Skinny jeans are in trend now! Thank God our male model is also skinny! At least the pants fitted him well. haha. We designed it just like what we did with the corset. We used old CD's and then cut them into smaller pieces. :))

Fix fix fix!

We also put a red fabric which is turned into a belt with ribbon at the back to give accent with the whole outfit

The designers/stylists were also asked by the judges to be on stage. We were a bit nervous because we had to explain what we did with our creation and how we arrived with that idea. As in, in front of many people? I thought we're just the BEHIND THE SCENE people. What the effin eff! That was really unexpected! We haven't practice at all. haha. All I can remember what I have said is, "These are unique and wearable pieces where creativity blended with style and sophistication were actually made of plastics which is our main material. etc. etc. etc..." hahaha. what an experience. At least very worth it. WHY??? WHY????? We won the first place lang naman. hihi

With the judges :)

Best section ever :)) Bravo 3e2!!!! :))

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bloggers United Bazaar 2 Outfit Post

This is what I wore at the bloggers united Bazaar :))

Top Online  |  Skirt Maldita  |  Denim Polo Thrifted 

I was actually wearing these wedges during the bazaar. :D


Say hi to my new wallet! 

Charles and Keith

So that's it for tonight :D Good night!!!!!!!!


Bloggers United Bazaar 2

I know. It's been a month since the Bloggers United Bazaar was held! Haha. Sorry for the very late post, our thesis is killing me now :(( Okay. Move on move on! I don't want to hear anything about thesis. It gives me so much stress! All I want to do is to relax this Christmas break! :))

So going back to the topic, I went there with my two friends, Aly and Mon and my sister. We actually had a great time there seeing a lot of fashionistas including the bloggers, sellers, and even the buyers too! Unfortunately, we left empty handed since we arrived there at around 3pm in the afternoon. All the unique pieces were sold very fast! I think :P So we planned to go to Powerplant mall instead :)) So here are the pictures during the Bloggers United Bazaar.

I opted to wear my fave denim polo. I really love it coz it's fashionable yet extremely comfortable. 

Mon. I adore her top so much. This gives me an idea what to do with my old shirts. (scissors pls!)

My sister, Georgia.

Aly, Mon and I.

 Georgia with David Guison

 Catwalk cosmetics. I love their eye palettes. Very pigmented and so easy to blend!

Georgia with Lissa Kahayon

Georgia wuth Lauren Uy (As you can notice, I was just their photog that day! haha)

Lauren Uy and Mon

I received a 500 worth of gc from Multiply. yey!

At Kenny Rogers :)

diet? :P

I know. Everyone says we look like twins. For ur info, I am actually a yr. older. wink* wink*

Since we planned to go to Powerplant, we had the opportunity to shop at Moonlit Bazaar. I was like so going gaga when I saw these makeups! *drooling* I am a forever makeup addict :D

 Of course we didn't forget to drop by at Happy Lemon!!!!!!!!!!


I love the Cocoa with rock salt and cheese!!!!!!!

Whew! That was a very long blog post! haha. By the way, I have to sleep now. We will be having our Christmas shopping tomorrow. Weeee.:)) Good night everyone!