Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bloggers United Bazaar 2

I know. It's been a month since the Bloggers United Bazaar was held! Haha. Sorry for the very late post, our thesis is killing me now :(( Okay. Move on move on! I don't want to hear anything about thesis. It gives me so much stress! All I want to do is to relax this Christmas break! :))

So going back to the topic, I went there with my two friends, Aly and Mon and my sister. We actually had a great time there seeing a lot of fashionistas including the bloggers, sellers, and even the buyers too! Unfortunately, we left empty handed since we arrived there at around 3pm in the afternoon. All the unique pieces were sold very fast! I think :P So we planned to go to Powerplant mall instead :)) So here are the pictures during the Bloggers United Bazaar.

I opted to wear my fave denim polo. I really love it coz it's fashionable yet extremely comfortable. 

Mon. I adore her top so much. This gives me an idea what to do with my old shirts. (scissors pls!)

My sister, Georgia.

Aly, Mon and I.

 Georgia with David Guison

 Catwalk cosmetics. I love their eye palettes. Very pigmented and so easy to blend!

Georgia with Lissa Kahayon

Georgia wuth Lauren Uy (As you can notice, I was just their photog that day! haha)

Lauren Uy and Mon

I received a 500 worth of gc from Multiply. yey!

At Kenny Rogers :)

diet? :P

I know. Everyone says we look like twins. For ur info, I am actually a yr. older. wink* wink*

Since we planned to go to Powerplant, we had the opportunity to shop at Moonlit Bazaar. I was like so going gaga when I saw these makeups! *drooling* I am a forever makeup addict :D

 Of course we didn't forget to drop by at Happy Lemon!!!!!!!!!!


I love the Cocoa with rock salt and cheese!!!!!!!

Whew! That was a very long blog post! haha. By the way, I have to sleep now. We will be having our Christmas shopping tomorrow. Weeee.:)) Good night everyone!


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