Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Velada Tomasina Part 2

As I've said, expect a part two of the Velada Tomasina blog post I have recently posted. I really want to put a lot of pictures here but since it's a blogand  not a photo album, I chose few photos only. My goodness. it's so hard to choose huh! There were a lot of good photos! as in! Anyway, here are some of them,

With the girls while pulling off our period costumes. ;)

The event was really awesome and memorable! I hope there will be another event like this. I swear, I will career the costume next time! HAHAHA :) I hope you guys enjoyed while seeing the photos. hehe


Velada Tomasina

Last January 25, 2012,  the University of Sto. Tomas celebrated the closing of the Quadricentennial event or rather, it has celebrated its 400th yr. of not just existence but unending grace :) But what's the connection of that with my blog title? Well first of all, I will give you an idea what 'Velada Tomasina' really means.

Velada Tomasina, a living tableau that shows the University of Santo Tomas in the perspective of the cultural milieu of Old Manila at the turn of the 19th century. It seeks to bring us back in time through period costumes, songs, dances, poems, and festivity.

We were highly encouraged to wear period costumes like those outfits of the characters of Noli me Tangere (specially Maria Clara). We were actually informed 3 days before the event that's why I didn't have enough time to look for a costume. I had no choice but to use my grandma's old Filipiniana. My grandma was actually a former first lady so I really have a lot of choices. My mom helped me to choose which one's the best and of course the one that fits me well. Unfortunately, most of my grandma's Filipiniana are Imelda Marcos inspired so  Donya Victorina na lng ang peg ko that day. Masabi lang. hahaha. 

Expect a lot of pictures in black and white. Para feel na feel di ba?! :)

Me and Aly :)

The boys were so cute! HAHA

Me and Tiana.

Let's just assume it's candid. Okay? haha

Teleserye presents, "No Other Woman With Another Man"

Yes, we really do love doing photo shoots like this! haha super emote!

This is so candid. I love it! :)

Weew, so many photos! Expect part two of this but with colored pictures already! haha.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Tokyo Tokyo

Hi everyone! As you can notice, I rarely update my blog coz of my hella' thesis. Yeah, I always blame it coz it really affects my leisure time! Super stressful this past few weeks coz aside from our thesis, it was our prelim exam too ;( But since it has just ended, I took the opportunity to update my blog as far as I can. haha. So anyway, here's another outfit post of mine!!!! Japanese ang peg ko ngayon! :D

Tank top Maldita |  Kimono Forever21 | Skirt Maldita | Bangle Vintage | Earrings Bazaar

I did not wear too much accessories coz the kimono is bongga enough to carry the whole outfit. Well I guess? :)
I never knew I can wear this kind of outfit. I just don't know. Maybe because it's not so me? But I really find kimonos so classy! That's why I have four kimonos already!!! haha. I hope I can still have the opportunity to post some of them while pulling them off :))


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Black Looks Good.

I wore this outfit when I attended my friend's birthday. I actually bought this sheer top a couple of months ago and I think this was the perfect timing to wear it! I matched it with my favorite black pants then contrasted the whole outfit with a leather clutch and belt and pink tassel earrings. What do guys think with the result? I hope I pulled them off well! :))

Top Tomato |  Pants Maldita | Shoes Charles and Keith | Accessories Bazaar | Clutch bag Nava

By the way, I bought a new bag and shades! My goshy gosh, I really melt when I saw this bag at Pedro. I was actually torn between two bags. lol I was choosing between this and the tribal bag. But since this is more classy and easy to pull off, I decided to buy this instead. Well, no regrets at all! Everyone likes it!How 'bout you? :)

This is the sunglasses I bought from Accessorize. So cute!!!! Do you know the feeling when you super duper like something and you chose not to buy it instead coz there's this line that always comes to your mind, "Okay, hanap muna ng iba, baka may mas maganda pa". Then you found out nothing more preferable than the first one you saw until the time constraint doesn't allow you already. That was so freakin' annoying right?  There's no peace of mind! haha! Of course I won't let that happen again that's why when I saw this glasses, I immediately bought it! Is that a sign of being an impulsive buyer?! I hope it's not :((

I really fell in love with the floral details, very unique! Yeah. I'm ready to go to the beach!!!!!! I'M WAITING IN VAIN FOR YOU SUMMER '12!!!! PLEASE COME FASTER!