Monday, January 23, 2012

Tokyo Tokyo

Hi everyone! As you can notice, I rarely update my blog coz of my hella' thesis. Yeah, I always blame it coz it really affects my leisure time! Super stressful this past few weeks coz aside from our thesis, it was our prelim exam too ;( But since it has just ended, I took the opportunity to update my blog as far as I can. haha. So anyway, here's another outfit post of mine!!!! Japanese ang peg ko ngayon! :D

Tank top Maldita |  Kimono Forever21 | Skirt Maldita | Bangle Vintage | Earrings Bazaar

I did not wear too much accessories coz the kimono is bongga enough to carry the whole outfit. Well I guess? :)
I never knew I can wear this kind of outfit. I just don't know. Maybe because it's not so me? But I really find kimonos so classy! That's why I have four kimonos already!!! haha. I hope I can still have the opportunity to post some of them while pulling them off :))


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