Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday Wishlist 2012!

My birthday's coming up in a week! My gosh. I can't still imagine I am turning 20. I have to face the truth that I'm not a teenager anymore. I must be more matured, grown up and responsible. I will be missing my teenage life coz I know that I will be facing more challenges that's why I have to be more careful with all the decisions I make. :)

So anyway, birthdays just warrant a nice, long list of stuff you'd want to spoil yourself with. Of course, I'm never short on gift ideas and this year is no exception. I made a birthday wishlist and these are SOME of them. Yes! I limit them coz if I will include all my wishes (we're talking 'bout luxuries here!), they will reach up to the second page! lol 

I want all of these!!!!! I know I know these are too much but there's nothing wrong in having wishes right!??? :P 



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