Sunday, May 20, 2012

Me, Myself and I

Please bear with this blog post coz you will be seeing a lot of my pictures. Vain mode! haha :D

Since I'm not famous and most of you do not know who I really am, then I will give you some idea. 
I am Marie Josephine B. Camacho and I am taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Economics (In short, Commerce major in Eco. lol ). I am now on my senior year! How fast is that right?! I still remember when I stepped in the college life. Everything was new. New people, new professors (to be specific, terrors!), new environment, etc.  My college life is actually one of the best memories i will surely treasure. I learned a lot about life. At the same time, it is definitely an enjoyable time where I make lots of friends, party throughout the night and lose myself in the bliss that life offers. That's why in my remaining year, I will make sure that my college life will reflect the best years of my life and I will make the most out of it :) 

So moving on with that so madrama part, I also love fashion and that's the reason why I made this fashion blog which is almost a year now! What actually pushed me to be inclined in fashion was when I first experienced a bar hopping. Yes! Kinda weird but ,yes! I still remember me just wearing shorts, shirt and a pair of flats. I really feel so jologs that timwhile I see a lot of girls who were really dressed up that night! (dress and killer heels, so bongga lang!) After that night, I started surfing the internet about fashion. (What is in, what are the current trends, what brands are nice, etc.) As I was surfing, that was the time I've discovered FASHION BLOGGERS. And these fashion bloggers are the ones who inspire me a lot. :))

Aside from clothes, bags and shoes, makeups are also one of my addictions. I will let you guys see my makeup collection on my future blog post so watch out for that :) I could say that I am pretty good in applying makeup. In fact, I am a freelance makeup artist :)  You can hire me up! Just email me and I assure you guys won't regret hiring me :) Don't worry, I already have experience (Cheering squads, fashion shows, debut, photoshoots, etc.).  

Take a look at some of my vain photos. Sorry for the very bad resolution, I only used my bb in taking these pictures :(

As you can notice (I hope so), I did a smokey eye makeup here with a hint of blue and a nude lipstick to contrast the very strong makeup :)) 

Please forgive me for being vain. Don't worry, it's just once in a blue moon! Haha. So guys, I'm gonna end this post already. I hope you did enjoy reading this:) Good night everyone! 



  1. Love your makeup! You have such a gorgeous face! Following you back dear.
    Hugs from New New York,
    Ask Erena

  2. You look great!
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  3. you did the smoky eye so well…sometimes mine looks very messy. haha!

    thanks for joining my giveaway for the Bloggers United 3 passes!
    hope to see you -- please do drop by our booth. ♥

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. Such a cutie ♥ Thanks for visitng my blog. I hope you follow back also :) Thanks